The major use of Papain is in the drug heparin, Vaccines and digestive enzyme. It is also as an excellent enzyme for breaking down proteins. It is widely used for replacement therapy in pathological conditions in which the concentration of bile acids in the upper intestine is low, such as biliary fistula, the disease of the ileum, and hepatic or extra-hepatic cholestasis. It is an excellent fibrinolytic and caseinolytic enzyme which in combination with amylase and lipase proves to be a formidable digestive aid. It may be administered in an acid solution to increase the digestive power of gastric juices, particularly where there is a deficiency of pepsin secretions. It is used as a deriding agent for cleaning of necrotic wounds, ulcers, sinuses and fistulas. It also finds application as an anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and thrombophlebitis.